Multi-Engine Piston (Land)


The class rating Multi-Engine Piston (land) is intended for anyone who holds a Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) or a Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) and who

would like to be able to plan to fly with more certainty of being able to legally set off and arrive at the destination. With the redundancy offered by having two engines, multi-engined aeroplanes (MEP(Land)) are permitted to fly at night, over extensive stretches of water.

With a possibility to extend the class rating with the Multi Engine Instrument Rating, the holder than may also fly in weather conditions with low cloud ceilings 

are seeking a career as a professional pilot with a business jet operator or an airline, for which the type rating of the respective business jet or airliner required, the class rating MEP(Land) with ME-IR is a pre-entry requirement.


Most MEP(Land) aircraft have better performance (speed, climb rate) than SEP(Land) aircraft and offer better load carrying options. Twin engined aircraft bring prestige and speed, this alone can also be an incentive to gain the class rating MEP(Land).

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